Ecological Management

DTE provides practical land use solutions that balance the needs of our clients while promoting ecological sustainability. We aim to create ecological designs and solutions that are both cost effective and sustainable.

Ecological consulting and restoration design services

Environmental Contracting services for restorations and maintenance

Nursery plant materials for restoration of native prairies, wetlands, savannas, woodlands, lakeshores and stream corridors.

While still a growing company the DTE approach is aimed to provide a complete design/build service to our clients.


Native landscaping restores native ecosystems that once existed over vast majorities of our Midwestern landscape but that are now reduced to small remnants dotted throughout the country. Native plants promote wide varieties of animals from large mammals to microbial communities. Landscaping with natives enriches soils, decreases water runoff, and filters pollutants.

In the long term native landscaping is more cost effective than traditional landscaping, saving large costs annually in maintenance.