Property Maintenance

Down To Earth Services began as a Property Maintenance company. While we have expanded into many areas our roots consist of providing multi service dependability and high quality work, giving our clients the ease of working with one dependable company.

When you join the DTE family, we become your eyes and ears, alerting our clients to potential problems, and taking action on critical issues.

DTE provides a variety of services to our clients


Our outstanding Lawn Care services starts with flexible mowing schedules geared around our clients needs. Our typical service includes lawn striping, edging, weed eating, and removal of all clippings from beds and driveways. Please call for more information.


Do you have weeds and grass growing up in your landscaping? Our bed maintenance includes spot spraying for weeds and grasses as well as fertilizer for your landscape bed plants.


Typically we cut back growth on shrubs, trees, and hedges once to twice a year. Keep your landscape looking crisp and clean by scheduling a reoccurring service with Down To Earth.


This service is only provided to current clients. Our cleanups involve removing all debris, leaves, and grass from your property and disposing of it elsewhere. A great service to schedule before the winter sets in or at the begging of the spring.


Aeration can help make your lawn healthier and reduce its maintenance requirements. Benefits include improved air exchange between the soil and atmosphere, enhanced soil water uptake, improved fertilizer uptake and use, reduced water runoff, stronger roots, and reduced soil compaction.


Do you have bare spots or areas that need to be reseeded? We specialize in native and non-native grass seeding for all of our clients needs.


Our customizable snow removal options provide service to residential and commercial clients who want to rest assured there property is clear and ready to be accessed. Don’t let the ice and snow get in your way.